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About us


      Yongkang teng yi automobile mould co., LTD. (formerly: yongkang super willpower mould factory) is located in the hometown of science and technology hardware - yongkang city, zhejiang province. The company was established in February 2006, focusing on automobile chassis mold for 12 years.

Yongkang teng yi automobile mould co., LTD is an enterprise specialized in designing and manufacturing automobile chassis stamping parts. The company has CAE analysis capabilities, various CNC processing centers and various advanced die development and processing equipment. Except with advanced hardware facilities, the company also increase investment in software management, aiming at drawing the design data and document business operation has centrally integrated management (PLM document management system), through the ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification. Strive to more scientific management, more perfect service to meet customer requirements! Make sure tengyi products in the same products in the lead!

The company has more than 70 employees in total, including more than 30 senior technical personnel in various mould workers and machinery. Structural engineers, CAE analysis engineers, mold engineers and so on have provided a strong talent base for product innovation and development.

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